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Product Name: Carbomer940
Chemical Name: Carbomer940
CAS No.: 9007-20-9
Formula: C15H17ClO3
Product Manual:

About Kapum:

Capom product features range of use

Characteristics: short flow characteristics, high viscosity, very high suspension ability, high transparency.

Scope of use: cosmetic thickener, medical gel, hair styling gel, hydrogel, moisturizing gel, shower gel, hand, body and facial lotion, cream, etc.

Appearance and smell: White powder, slightly acidic.

Viscosity: 45000-80000 - s

Packing and storage: packed in cartons and stored in a cool and ventilated place.

Popularity: 557
Datetime: 1629341577
Price: CNY60.00
Specs: 20kg/桶