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Custom syn
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    Wuhan Vanzpharm Inc. provide custom synthesis services from lab scale to commercial scale to the customers. Our R&D Center owns 3 labs. The labs are equipped with experimental apparatus for all developing scales. In addition, well-equipped QA and QC system guarantees products’quality for all scales R&D and production.

Custom synthesis Service:

1. organic synthesis process research & development

2. custom synthesis and manufacture

3. synthesis process op timization

4. scale up (from gram scale to ton scale)

Reaction types:

1. alkylation

2. amination

3. bromination

4. carbonylation

5. chiral separation

6. chlorination

7. cycloaddion (inc diels-alder)

8. diazotization(inc sandmeyer reaction)

9. fluorination

10. formylation(wilsmerier reation)

11. friedel crafts acylation

12. heterocyclice formation

13. hydrogenation

14. iodinatioin

15. mannich reaction

16. metal hydride

17. nitration

18. oxidation

19. radical reaction

20. stereoselective synthesis