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Vanz Pharm & Wuhan Institute of Technology Signed Cooperation Agreement
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      At 10:18 a.m. on July 12, 2021, Hubei Vanz Pharm Co., Ltd., Wuhan Institute of Technology Internet High Tech Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Institute of Technology held a contact-signing ceremony of "The establishment of Vanz internship base and the integration of production, learning and researching", and reached a long-term cooperation intention on the project. The general manager of Hubei Vanz Pharm Co., Ltd., the general manager of Wuhan Institute of Technology Internet High Tech Co., Ltd. and the famous professor of Wuhan Institute of Technology delivered amazing speeches and signed the project cooperation agreement on behalf of all parties.

      Wuhan Institute of Technology is a multi-disciplinary teaching and researching university with engineering as the main subject, covering nine disciplines, including engineering, science, management, economics, arts, law, art, medicine and pedagogy... It is a key construction university in Hubei Province and a domestic first-class discipline construction university in Hubei Province. It has been selected into the excellent engineer education and training plan, the basic ability construction project of universities in central and western regions, and the national science and technology development program "New engineering" research and practice project.

      Hubei Vanz Pharm Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive innovative technology enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of pharmaceutical intermediates, electronic chemicals and fine chemicals.  Wuhan Institute of Technology Internet High Tech Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the development and technology transfer of high-tech chemical products; business technology consulting service; chemical new materials, new technology, development and design of the new equipment products, production and sales。

     The successful contract-signing of the activity of "The establishment of Vanz internship base and the integration of production, learning and researching" marks a solid step in the all-round cooperation among Hubei Vanz Pharm Co., Ltd., Wuhan Institute of Technology Internet High Tech Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Institute of Technology.Considering this event as an opportunity, all parties promise to make full use of their strengths and avoid weaknesses in future research and development, work hand in hand, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, share more advanced technology and more optimized ideas, and strive to develop more economical and high-end products to win a better future together.